Promoting Ocean Literacy in New England

Who we are

We are a community of educators, scientists, and enthusiasts dedicated to educating people in New England about the ocean. Our focus is to help people of all ages understand the many different and important ways in which they and the ocean are connected to each other. Our membership is institution-based and is made up of

  • Zoos and aquaria
  • Nature and science centers
  • Colleges and universities
  • Government agencies
  • Environmental organizations
  • Educational organizations

Member institutions have access to

  • Professional development opportunities
  • Joint grant opportunities
  • Network of individuals and resources

NEOSEC members represent a wide range of organizations and institutions throughout the New England region, which include ocean science educators, scientists and facilitators, all of whom are dedicated to ocean literacy. Member institutions include aquariums, science centers, Sea Grant programs, government entities, colleges and universities, ocean education associations and projects, state and federal nature reserves, and research groups.

If your institution is interested in becoming a member, please email us:

Meet the Executive Committee


Nina Quaratella

Current Chair

Nicki Rosenfeld


Sierra Muñoz

Host Institution / Director

UMass Boston / Bob Chen

Program Manager

Aimee Bonanno

Past Chairs

Chair 2021 – 2022      Meredyth Sullivan 

Chair 2020 – 2021     Jesse Mechling

Chair 2019 – 2020      Kate Leavitt

Chair 2018 – 2019      Val Perini

Chair 2017 – 2018      Holly Morin

Chair 2016 – 2017      Elaine Brewer

Chair 2015 – 2016      Cassie Stymiest

Chair 2014 – 2015      Maureen Dewire

Chair 2013 – 2014      Carole McCauley

Chair 2012 – 2013      Abbey Spargo

Chair 2011 – 2012      Katie Cubina

Chair 2010 – 2011      Diana Payne

Chair 2009 – 2010      Perrin Chick

Chair 2008 – 2009      Suzy Ryan

Chair 2007 – 2007      Gail Scowcroft

Chair 2005 – 2007      Billy Spitzer


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